Bringing Professional Film Lighting Solutions

Lighting is an essential element of filmmaking and photography. It can enhance the mood and atmosphere of a scene and bring out the best in your subjects. Our film lighting products are designed to provide you with the flexibility and control you need to bring your visions to life. From LED panels to softboxes and reflectors, we’ve got you covered.

Film Lights from  Cen Long Photo Studios are for the photographers who are looking for a great light assistant or for the new-comers who want to click good photographs to complement their skills and hobby.

If you want to click product photographs for your business or shoot a portfolio session for an upcoming model, we help you get them done in the right budget and right way. You will shoot incredible photos using the right Cen Long photography lighting equipment, such as Small Simp- Q photo studio, Mini Cen Long photo studio, Large Cen Long and Xl Cen Long photo studio’s.

Keeping every aspect of lighting techniques such as back-lighting or side-lighting, we have designed equipment for every photography need. Available in different sizes and shapes, functionality for every usage they are designed to create stunning effect for your photographic studio lighting.

Our Cen Long photo studios work to enhance the quality of your photo shoots. With our studio photography lighting appliances, you can forget the painful details to tune archaic models. They are digital and made for next level photographic effects.

In outdoor shooting, where you always suffer from harsh or inadequate lighting coming from all directions, our side photographic lighting appliances help you to soften the contrast, control light to seek optimum balance, tweak textures to enhance the photographic subject and color saturation.

Addressing the points of concerns such as intensity, color temperature and contrast while you shooting for portraits, Cen Long Photo studio lighting offers excellent lighting spots and background enhancer. Our LED space lights equipment are trusted and tried lightening methods for professionals who are more into experimental shoots.

Film lighting equipment
Film lighting equipment